Sunday, October 2, 2011


"Let your life be a counter friction to the machiene."

That quote stuck out to me from watching this video. Unlike reading, i enjoyed watching the video. ( although I'm more a fan of watching than reading). In my last blog, I stated that Thoreau needed to stand up and do something about it. He was just sitting in a chair writing. Silly me believed that this was not doing anything to change anything. I was wrong. By writing civil disobedience, thoreau inspired millions to stand up and do something, to be a counter friction to the machiene. I couple of the things that stuck out to me from the video were the segregation photos. Rosa Parks was seen a couple of times, the greensboro sit ins were featured, and Norman Rockwell's painting "The Problems we all live with" was also featured. Segregation was a big problem in American for so long. The fact that we have overcome (sortof) segregation is amazing. If those people had not taken a stand, then we might still be stuck back in the 1950's. Thinking about segregation triggered me to picture one of my favorite scenes from Remember the Titans... quite possibly my favorite movie. The scene where Coach Boone takes his team to the field where Gettysburg was fought is so powerful. He tells the boys that those men were fighting the same fight that they were during the time of Titans.
He says, If they don't come together on that ground then they will be destroyed. He doesn't care if they like each other, but they WILL respect each other. If everyone lived by that motto today, then the world would be a better place. It doesn't matter if you like someone, but do respect who they are and their beliefs. Whether or not you agree with them.

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  1. : ) Speak up in class!

    Good point about Thoreau's writing being his action. Glad you enjoyed the video.