Monday, September 5, 2011

Ben Frankiln

Benjamin Franklin is traveling to Philadelphia and trying to find his place and settle down in the first few chapters of his autobiography. He tells the readers of his travels by boat and his search for work. At first, he has no luck finding work at first. Going to two different men, they tell him that they currently do not have room for him to work at their print shops. By the sixth chapter, Franklin has grown as a person ans has established himself as an affluent member of society in Philadelphia. He includes letters from friends and fellowmen and tells of his religious preferences and the various ways he attempts to live his life from day to day.
In the first few chapters, Franklin is a young man looking to start a life. He is humble and appreciative of any and everything that he is given. He has not yet gotten full of himself. By the sixth chaper, he is printing letters of how wonderful others think he is. It seems to me like he is trying to show off, and almost say that he is now better than others. In my opinion, just because someone is willing to say nice things about you does not mean that you should wave them around as if saying, "Look I'm better than you are!" He also details his Presbyterian religion and how he attempts to live his life. He wants to live by such virtues as: temperance, justice, humility, silence, moderation. In my opinion, that's a big fail for Benjamin Franklin. The entire sixth chapter is him bragging about his good attributes. That is not silence. He is not being humble about his beginnings, and he needs to quit tooting his own horn.

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