Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elizabeth Cady Stanton- Seneca Falls Convention Address

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an influential lady in the women's rights movement, gave a speech at the Senaca Falls Convention in 1848. She spoke of the inferiority of women, and she spoke of how women were not begin represented fairly. At the time, men were considered to be intellectually superior and physically superior.
In 1848, when this speech was given, women were virtually housemaids. They were expected to be seen and not heard. Men were smarter than they, stronger than they, and certainly more important than they. This speech was given at the Seneca Falls Convention, a gathering that discussed the roles of women in society. Stanton encouraged women to form their own opinions, and retain their own thoughts (not just think what their husbands thought). At this convention, women's sufferage was discussed, although that did not happen until 1920 when the nineteenth amendment was passed by Congress.
Stanton made the comment, "But in the United States of America6 woman has no right either to hold office, nor to the elective franchise, we stand at this moment, unrepresented in this government—our rights and interests wholly overlooked." This was true. Women were overlooked, seen merely as the housemaids and keeper of the children. They were expected to "obey their husbands." Sidenote** Seriously? This honestly makes me mad. Women should respect their husbands and love them not obey them. Their husbands are not superior to them. A marraige is all about equality. The two partners in it are equal to each other. One can not expect a marraige to last if it is not based on equality.** Most recently the "obey your husband" came up during the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. This being the 21st century, Kate Middleton chose to leave this out of her vows to Prince William. I respect that choice as I feel that (as forementioned) marriage is based on equality.


  1. I have to agree with you on this one! Women were not treated fairly at all and who says that women aren't as smart as men? (so not true!)Also, when you mention obtainment it reminded me of Harriet Jacobs story of when the slaves were under the total control of their owners and women aren't meant to marry a man just to become their property.

  2. I'm glad you explained the Seneca Falls Convention because I didn't know what it was. To me, it seemed like this was less of an address about women's rights and more of an argument for them because of all the facts and examples Stanton gave. I was convinced!