Monday, September 5, 2011

Cartwright and Allen

These narravtives are told from two totally different points of view: the slave's view and the white man's view. In early america, these were two groups of people who didn't mix. The white man believed himself to be superior to any black man, woman, or child. The white man was supreme to all. Reading through these, however, I realized just how similar the white man and the black man are. Both want to care for their families, and both want to earn a respectable living. Both pieces have an emphasis on religion. So both groups believe in a higher power. If they would stop, take a step back and look around, they would realize that they are more similar than they believe.
Racism, today, is a huge issue. My mind immediately went to this because many believe that the strong racism today in rooted in the slavery from early America. My family emmigrated from England many years ago and have been linked to eastern North Carolina for hundreds of years. I have ancestors that did own slaves, and I am not ashamed of that because that was a way of life back then. I have encountered many people who feel that due to my ancestors choices I am a bad person. I didn't choose to have slaves and african americans today are not slaves, so they are not entitled to tell me that I am wrong because of my ancestors choices.

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