Sunday, December 4, 2011

Charlotte's Web

This excerpt is one of the saddest excerpts that could be taken from the story. Wilbur has just won his medal and is over joyed. He goes to talk to Charlotte, and asks her what is wrong? She seems so slow these days. Charlotte informs Wilbur that she does not have many days to live. Wilbur is overcome with sadness and determination. He is going to save Charlotte's babies. If Charlotte can't make it back to the barn, her children will. Wilbur wakes Templeton, and instructs him to go cut the egg sack from Charlotte's web. Templeton grunts and groans but he does it. Wilbur puts the egg sack in his mouth, the only safe place to keep it, and leaves Charlotte with a wink. She musters up a goodbye wave and dies alone the next day. Wilbur safely returns the children to the barn, and he is never without friends. They have children and grandchildren. Even though there are all these spiders in the barn, none ever take the place of Charlotte in Wilbur's heart.

This was one of my favorite stories growing up. Everytime I read it, I was always sad when Charlotte died. Charlotte represents a character who has a great heart. She is willing to do anything for her friends. On the outside, she is a scary spider. At first, even Wilbur is scared of her. Once he gets past his fear, he gains one of the best friends he has ever known. Charlotte is a prime example of not judging a book by it's cover. Had Wilbur not gotten past Charlotte's tough exterior, he would not have gained a friend or accomplished the things he accomplished.

Templeton, on the other hand, is an undermining rat. A rat, that is what Templeton is literally and figuratively. When Wilbur wakes him up and tells him that Charlotte is dying, he is not phased. Wilbur asks him to please cut down the egg sack because he can't climb up and get it himself. Templeton then begins with his "me, me, me" rant. He tells Wilbur all of the things that he has done lately. He doesn't think he should have to get the egg sack down. He is more concerned with all of teh things that he has done, instead of helping to save Charlotte's children. Wilbur has to resort to bribing Templeton with the first pick of food forever. Templeton glady climbs his fat belly up the wall at this offer. Selfish, that is what Templeton truly is, a selfish rat.

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