Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Good Man is Hard to Find

In this story, the family is going on a road trip to FLorida. The grandmother is very unhappy with this choice and wants to go to Tennessee instead. She complains to her son Bailey over and over again, but the family chooses to go to Florida anyway. On the way, the family stops to have a meal at a diner called the Tower. While here, the grandmother learns of a serial killer known as "the misfit." She talks to the owner Red Sammy about the killer, and they both agree that a good man is hard to find. When back on the road, the grandmother begins telling the children stories of this house she used to visit when she was a little girl that had secret passageways (shes still trying to deter the family from going to florida). She tells the family that this house is in Georgia and it's right on their way. As she directs her son to turn down a deserted path, she realizes that the house she is thinking of is in fact in Tennessee, not Georgia. Bailey gets into a wreck and his car goes into a nearby ditch. A group of men stop and get out of a truck. They all have guns. The leader of the men instructs his menions to inspect the inside of the car.  The grandmother realizes that he is the misfit and calls him on it. The menions begin murdering the family one by one. While this is happening, the grandmother pleads with misfit and tries to offer him the word of jesus christ. He believes her to be a phony Christian, and muders her (while she is wearing her sunday best, so she died like a lady)

Misfit reminded me somewhat of the character Jigsaw from the 'saw' movies. Misfit killed his own father and then went on a killing rampage to kill others. Jigsaw was diagnosed with some type of cancer and after a failed suicide attempt, he set out to make others apreciate their lives more. He set up "traps" that they had to escape out of, believing that if they did they would appreciate the value of life more. If they didn't, then they would die. The grandmother set a "trap" of her own, attempting to save Misfit. She felt that if she offered him the word of Jesus then he may see the light and not shoot her. While that does not work, he shoots her 3 times, he does remark that she would have been a good woman if there had been someone there to shoot her everyday.

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