Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

Well this story was an interesting read to say the least. The story begins with a rich couple that decides to go on a safari in Africa. Their safari guide, Wilson, is very experienced in his job and has done this for many other couples. Margot and Francis are struggling in their marraige and hope that this safari can revitalize what they once had. Wilson and Macomber go hunting for lions, and Macomber becomes afraid when a lion is spotted and runs away leaving Wilson to fight it. That night, MAcomber apologizes to Wilson for his running away, and Margot, embarrassed of her husbands actions runs away herself. She comes back complaing and carrying on. Macomber knows that his marraige is on the rocks with Margot, but he feels that she will not leave him because he is too rich. (We'll talk about this in a bit) In the latter part of the story, all three characters go out in the car in search of Buffalo. When one comes charging at the car, both Macomber and Wilson are out of the car ready to shoot it, but Margot comes around the back of the car shooting her husband in the back of the head and killing him in cold blood.

So first of all, Margot is a classic gold digger. She is clearly with her husband for money. She has a very affluent lifestyle and she has become accustomed to it. I don't know many couples who are able to afford an African safari when they feel that their marraige is on the rocks. I get the feeling that Margot is very dependent on her looks, and doesn't do much else, almost like she is a trophy wife of sorts. When she kisses Wilson, Macomber doesn't over react, infact he pretty much just sat there and looked out the other window as if he hadn't seen it at all. I also think that in the end when she shot him, it was not an accident. If her husband is dead, then she can have all of his money and he won't have any say over how she spends it.

While reading this, I was reminded slightly of "The Most Dangerous Game." Instead of hunting for animals like macomber and Wilson, the characters in that story are hunting each other. However in the beginning of the story, Sanger is traveling to hunt jaguars. Little does he know that General Zaroff has plans to capture and hunt him. There are some parallels between both stories.

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