Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Red Convertible

The Red Convertible is the story of two brothers, Henry and Lyman. They are American- Indians. They both decide on a whim one day to buy a red oldsmobile convertible. They start working on it together and get it running like new. They decide to take a road trip in it and pick up a girl along the way. Her name is Susy and she lives in Alaska, so they take her home to Alaska. Her family takes right to Henry and Lyman. They love them. When Henry and Lyman return home, Henry enters the army. They joke with Henry that the army only wants him for his Indian nose. He returns from the war around three years later, a completely chagned person. He is no longer the fun loving, carefree Henry that he once was. He just sits and barely speaks. Lyman yearns for the old Henry. He wants his brother back. Lyman feels the only way to get Henry back is through the car. He goes out and ruins the car. He beats it with a bat and ruins the upholstery. Henry is furious. He then spends every waking moment working on the car to get it working like new again. When he does, he and Lyman go on a road trip just like old times. They stop at a river and henry jumps in. He floats down stream, Lyman realizes that this is due to the current not because of Henry swimming. Henry says that his boots are filling with water. Lyman knows there is nothing he can do, so he takes the car and let's it drive into the river. The car fills with water just as Henry's boots did.

Although it is not directly stated in the story, henry is going thorough a great battle with Post Trauamtic Stress Disorder. Some of the symptoms of PTSD include:
Showing little interest in things you once loved
Showing less of your moods
Feeling detached
being unable to concentrate
Henry was clearly suffering from PTSD. He showed no interest in the car when he returned home. He once loved that car so much, that I think he would have done absolutely anything to keep it in perfect running order. He barely speaks to Lyman or anyone in his family. They joked with Henry that he was accepted into the army because of his clearly indian background. Indians are strong, and have little fear according to legends. The idea of strong indians are used in advertisements still . At the left, this indian was used in advertisements nationwide in the 1970's. He sheds a tear because Americans are polluting the environment so much.

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