Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed: The Moon, and Eden

The Moon:
We went to the moon to have fun but the moon turned out to completely suck. The group went to the moon for a spring break adventure. They stay in a swanky hotel. They order room service. You get the sense right away that these kids are wealthy. They decide to go out one night to the Ricochet Club. While there, Titus, the main character sees a pretty girl and decides to go talk to her. Her finds out that her name is Violet and they begin talking all night. Meanwhile, there is a shady character standing in the corner. He walks up to the characters and passes a metal rod over them thus hacking their feeds. They all meltdown and wakeup in the hospital.

The gang is hospitalized for their hacked feeds. The doctors are doing everything they can to reinstate their feeds back to their normal status. While in the hospital, the group realizes just how much they miss their feeds. They are not able to m-chat each other or send each other pictures and videos. All they can think of is the song I wanna sex you in, that was playing in the club when their feeds were hacked. They have to actually speak to communicate with each other, a rare occurance for the characters in this novel. They are constantly m-chatting each other, similar to instant messaging but in their heads. It is realized that many of these characters don't have supportive parents. Titus' father comes to visit and stays maybe five minutes. Violet's father doesn't come to visit either, it is blamed on his having to work, but it is later found out that he couldn't afford for himself to travel to the moon to check on Violet.

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