Sunday, December 4, 2011

Theme for English B

Langston Hughes begins this poem with a student who has an assignment to go home and write. HE speaks of how the narrator has grown up in historically black neighborhoods and he must go home to Harlem which is below his college. He talks about how he is not that different from his white counterparts. He is just as much a part of them as they are a part of him. Although they may not want to be linked sometimes, they are linked because they are both Americans.

This poem was written in 1951. Hello civil rights movement. This was published right at the beginning of the civil rights movement. Seperate water fountains, eating places in restaurants, entrances to buildings, and even assigned seats on buses were all a part of every day life. It was rare for black people to be educated during this time, but Hughes was. Despite the seperation in America, he saw the truth that everyone was linked despite their color. They were all Americans. Hughes says that white people are no better than black people. Everyone is equal, although not as equal as in Harrison Bergeron.

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