Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed: Utopia and Slumberland

The group is discharged from the hospital and they return home to earth, a new world full of technology. Violet and Titus become closer and begin to form a relationship. Violet tells Titus of her ideas to fight the feed. Violet is the one true individualistic character in this novel. She is the only one who fights technology. This ultimately leads to her demise. Titus is intrigued and goes along with Violet. They talk of how everyone doesn't have feeds. Feeds are expensive and Violet herself didn't get hers until she was 7.

This section is about Violet dying slowly. Due to her late implantation of the feed, her body is slowly shutting down. She is put in the hospital and Titus wants to be there for her but the burden becomes too much for him. She sends him mass amounts of pictures and videos, and memories, but he doesn't open them.

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