Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flash Fiction

This story is called "in an old man's lap." In this story, a little girl and her grandmother go to the nursing home to visit the little girls grandfather. Her grandfather is 96 years old. He is seemingly unaware of his surroundings. Jacqueline, the little girl, runs from person to person climbing in anyone's lap who will let her. Colleen, her grandmother, sits there and remembers the time of the Ripper, a serial killer who roamed the streets of London. The nursing home is located in the same location as the insane asylum once stood that he was a patient in. If he had survived, he would be 96 today. Just then, a man named Mr. Kaminski walks up to Jacqeuline. He is covered in scars and has protrusions from his cheeks. Jacqueline is intrigued by this old man. She crawls in his lap. Colleen realizes Mr. Kaminski is 96. So the big question is, Is he the ripper? You decide.

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